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High Three for the new year!

hi tripawds

Sorry for disappearing for a while – my daughter has had a major brain surgery, so I just dropped off here temporarily. This is the 12th surgery for her, and as she recovers I will probably go awol again.

Christmas day - checking out my pressies. A beautiful new collar and this catnip toy :)

Christmas day – checking out my pressies. A beautiful new collar and this catnip toy ūüôā

Reflecting on 2013, there is definitely a mobility theme going on. My daughter Emily’s friends rallied to fundraise for a mobility scooter to help her get around; my mum had a melanoma removed from her foot and is using a walker; and Deva lost a leg! My three closest women – all needing some help to get around. It brings it home that it is so important to be in the moment – in each and every one. And, to practise gratitude for the blessings and love in our life.

Yes, yes.... I know it's catnip, but I am too tired to bother

Yes, yes…. I know it’s catnip, but I am too tired to bother

As we approach Deva’s one month milestone, I am happy to say that she has resumed her usual routine, with a couple of slight modifications. The notable changes are that Deva now has a huge appetite (maybe making up for lost chomping opportunitites) and she is generally a much calmer kitty. It used to be dry food during the day and wet food at night. Now Deva eats a tin of wet food morning and night. This is great because she had lost so much weight from the cancer and loss of appetite pre-surgery.

Isn't this what holidays are meant to be like? Fitting in with the rest of the pack...reeeelaaaaxing purrrrrrrrr

Isn’t this what holidays are meant to be like? Fitting in with the rest of the pack…reeeelaaaaxing purrrrrrrrr

This Christmas I had planned a holiday away, so we looked into pet friendly accommodation and Deva came with us. I cannot believe how relaxed she was!. Check out these pics of Miss Thing…I told her she was only allowed on the quilt, so she literally stayed on the quilt (WHAT??). ¬†Otherwise, she followed me around like a little dog – even navigating a few steps without any problems at all.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful festive season and that this year, 2014, brings joy, peace and love into your lives. I am thankful for the blessings in my life, including finding the tripawds community. I may not be as active as I would like to be, but I am thinking of all the dogs and cats and loving humans who have the big decisions and surgeries ahead.

I'm on the quilt, but would love to claw that couch...

I’m on the quilt, but would love to claw that couch.

Here is a big high three to all the other tripawd families. Love and light to all

Treacy and Deva xoxoxoxo

Stitches out – we wish you a meowy christmas and a hoppy new year

Hello again

The stitches came out on the 21st, and Deva was very pleased to have access to her body again. I was so happy to see that she has gained a bit of weight since the last visit (might have something to do with me giving more food options more often…) Some serious grooming has commenced and all in in all¬†we are getting back into our usual rhythm. Deva is definitely looking heaps better and is hopping and jumping without any issues at all. Her balance is excellent.

So, with the two week anniversary falling on christmas day, I will keep this short. I am not sure why but I am not able to upload the latest pics of Deva, so I will instead post some pics of an early christmas celebration with my daughter, her boyfriend and her hearing/assistance dog Opie. He is a handsome boy who is an amazing help to Emily.

Wishing all the tripawds crew a wonderful christmas. Heartfelt thank you for the support over the last couple of weeks


Treacy and Deva

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Treat time


Love my new toy from grandma


Opie and his new toy

the FURMINATOR – we need to toilet talk

Ok, so I was going to restrain myself from posting until the stitches come out (Saturday 21/12), but Deva has had an important milestone that ordinarily, I would not be so excited about…..drumroll please……

Deva did a doo-doo, oh wait is it doggy doo-doo and kitty ka-ka? Haha., whatever you wanna call it, I have never been so relieved to clean up that poop. And only tripawds folks will understand why I need to tell you ALL ABOUT IT (10 days is a record !!!)

Has anyone else noticed their cat is not cleaning up down there after amputation? It is a bit tricky and Deva definitely isn’t, so it gets stinky and probably not too hygienic, especially being a long-haired cat. I have bought a great product called FURMINATOR (yes, I promise you that is the real name). ¬†I have used this on some babywipes and the benefit of this product is that it does not have to be washed off – all natural so no nasties when a cat licks itself afterwards.

The real purpose of it is hairball prevention – so tick for that as well. It has Omega 3, cranberry, calendula, kava, chamomile, aloe, papaya, safflower and sunflower seed oil (all good for your cat). And it smells lovely, edible in fact. This has done the trick, and Deva didn’t mind it one little bit. In fact, I have given her a lovely brush and rubbed this through the rest of her hair to reduce shedding. (Ahem, I think I may need to claim some royalties for this shout-out for the FURMINATOR hehe)…

It is VERY hot here today – 41 degrees, oh boy summer is here and I only have ceiling fans…Deva is restless today, she has been under the bed, the desk, the bookshelf, the coffee table and even jumped in on my jimjam shelf and the stereo cupboard to escape the heat.. here are some cute pics of some of that…

in the words of the FURminator – I’ll be back !!!

escaping the heat under the bookshelf

escaping the heat under the bookshelf

a fave spot pre-surgery - up close and personal with the hifi in the cupboard

a fave spot pre-surgery – up close and personal with the hifi in the cupboard

will any notice me here amongst the jimjams?

will any-one notice me here amongst the jimjams?

under the coffee table snuggling my shoe
under the coffee table snuggling a shoe and doing my best muscle-singlet pose

it's getting hot in here..
it’s getting hot in here..



One week ampuversary!!!

Yippee – we made it! One week has passed, yet it feels much longer.

Yesterday was a check up with the Vet, the incision site is looking much calmer now Рfrom the vets perspective, everything is looking good. Deva is very thin at the moment. When she was weighed we had to take into consideration that a leg had come off, but oh dear she is so delicate right now. Deva had lost a bit of weight before the surgery as well, but she has always been quite a petite girl, so it is my mission to get her back to a normal size.

For the last couple of days, Deva has had several instances of what we think is ‘phantom limb’ pain. The vet said this can occur because the nerves have been cut. Apparently, licocaine is sprayed on the nerve endings during surgery – in an attempt to minimise any possibility of neuropathic pain, but it seems that Deva is experiencing this. It comes on suddenly – and she will start with a low growl, then hiss and start wailing and yowling. Oh, it is distressing to listen to this, and if I try to comfort her in any way, she tries to bite me. I know she is just expressing that this is painful and uncomfortable, so I have just been talking her through it. That may sound a little ‘cat lady’ crazy, but it seems to help.

Only two more antibiotic pills to go – hurrah says Deva. Even though my new method is a lot quicker, she still DOES NOT LIKE IT!!! Here is another pic of her licking her chops after I have dispensed the meds with nutrigel. I have probably ruined the pleasure of nutrigel forever, but it has been so much easier than any other option!

This last week has been a big learning curve for me. Like others on this site, I experienced so much anxiety about the prospect of the surgery. How would she cope? How would she get around? and the dreaded question What if the cancer spreads? I am super glad I decided to go ahead with this, because the alternative was just unthinkable for me. Yes, I admit it, I am probably more shaken up by the whole thing than miss thing is… but here we are, one week on and I am sure that once we get through the stitches coming out, everything will be more manageable. ¬†Reading through the other blogs and having a look around the tripawds website, I keep coming across the saying ‘be more dog’. I love this concept and am trying (without trying too hard if you know what I mean) to do just that – live in the moment.

Tripawds and triclaws – thanks once again for listening to my rants, and helping Deva and me through a tough week. I will update again after the stitches come out….

here's Deva with her ninja tongue action!!

here’s Deva showing us her ninja tongue action!!


perspective and hugs to Kendi

Tonight as I write this post, I am thinking about Kendi and Salem. The relationship between a cat and a human is often underestimated, played down, or misunderstood. As an animal person, I have had wonderful relationships with cats, dogs and other beautiful creatures.

The relationship with a cat though is unique, because it is 100% unconditional. We all know that we can’t make a cat do anything it doesn’t really want to do, and this is why any affection, bonding or love that the cat shows towards it’s human is offered in the purest form. Cats seem to have an uncanny sixth sense – they know when we are feeling sick or sad, frustrated, happy or excited. Our moods affect them, and vice versa.

Death is an inevitable part of this life. And, if you are inclined to believe in an after-life or reincarnation, there is comfort in knowing that relationship never ends. The sacred agreement that has been made between two souls lives on.

So tonight, I am grateful that Deva is sitting next to me snoozing. I am grateful when she is yowling (even though I don’t want her to be in pain, I know this will pass). I am grateful to have met so many wonderful people who ‘get it’ and grateful for the love and loss that makes this life what it is.

big love to Kendi

update on deva tomorrow xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


the great outdoors….


asleep after eating half a tin of wet food and an attempt at grooming



let……me…….out (and a handy hint for the pill averse kitty cat)

This morning, Deva the wondercat did a little workout …. ¬†hopping between the front and back doors. Here are some pics of the little munchkin trying to convince me that going out would be a good idea..

For anyone else who may encounter major hassles with giving meds to your cat, this has been the only way I can do it reasonably stress free. Since Deva refuses any food with a crushed up pill in it (yes, she is a bit of a Diva… as well as being a Deva), this means that all the tips that I have found on the net or that others have shared, simply do not work with this fusspot!! Since we have had two days of drinking lots of water, I decided to mix up a much smaller batch of meds – antibiotic pill, liquid pain relief ¬†into a paste, then add the magic ingredient – a blob of nutrigel. Now she still wont take it because she can smell the meds, but with a tiny amount I can rub it on her gums in two lots – minimising the stress and getting those important meds into her…

where is that pesky cat from next door?

where is that pesky cat from next door?

hm, what about if I try this door??

hm, what about if I try this door??


come awwwn ...pleeeease????

come awwwn …pleeeease???

Tomorrow morning is a check-up with the Vet. All in all, this little furball is doing great – she has hopped around pretty much the whole house and can get on and off chairs, and my bed (with a little step to help on the way down).

Each night there is a little bit of crying and it seems to be when the meds may be wearing off and it is hard to get comfy.

Thanks to everyone for the kind posts – it is a wonderful support xx

Nite from the triclaw down under ūüôā


sleeeeeeeep, the natural healer

chilling with my girl

chilling with my girl

Today started out with a BIG drink of water. Yes, finally!
4 greenies treats..and 2 slices of ham. No interest in regular cat food. I realise that the appetite may fluctuate depending on pain, stress and mood.
Deva is super sleepy and spent all day napping on the sofa. I am wondering whether it is normal that she has not used the litter tray at all today..Deva has not been grooming at all. Long haired cats can quickly get matted, so I brushed her and washed her face and all in all I think she felt pretty ok about it….the incision site is looking less bruised, but is swelling a bit so that would explain Deva being very sensitive today. For a cat that really makes very little noise, today I heard definite crying.
We are getting the meds sorted and while Deva doesn’t love the syringe, she is tolerating it in small quantities. I am getting antibiotics and pain meds in there in one dose mixed with a bit of nutrigel and water.

meds schmeds

meds schmeds

in my usual spot...snoozing

in my usual spot…snoozing

I am so relieved that I have arranged to be home this week. Lucky for me I have a flexible workplace. So long as I get the work done, I can do it anywhere. This way, I can keep an eye on Deva, even though she spends most of her time snoozing!

Nite all xo

I got them ole three legged blues

yeah, that’s just me with the blues … Deva is playing the banjo…

just kidding of course

The day of the surgery was weird because I came home, and no Deva meeting me at the door! It was an anxious wait, but as many of you have been telling me, cats adapt very quickly to losing a limb. When I picked Deva up from the vet she was super smoochy. She sat up immediately – this a day after surgery, then just wanted me to rub her head.

I was so surprised to see that she still had a shoulder blade – they had originally told me that she would lose that as well. Apparently the surgeon decided it was better to leave it. The photo below shows the wound. It looks quite red and the vet said this is normal bruising. Sorry if this is too graphic for anyone – it is definitely not pretty. We were not given a cone – I did see a little donut (a lot like the one that jill had), but decided we would try some cotton baby singlets before resorting to the cone. This has worked a treat. Deva is not bothered with me putting this on her (while she is on pain meds)…

The biggest challenge has been that Deva would not eat or drink AT ALL. I am grateful for the advice and support I received in the chat room and forum. Thankfully, today (3 days post surgery) the vet gave me NUTRIGEL – it is a super concentrate gel packed full of nutrients. After some initial tail flicking, we had success with a few blobs being licked off my finger. After that I was able to crush up the antibiotics in a mixture of water and A/D and give it in a syringe (hm, less happy with this arrangement)…. but the bonus was a slice of ham hand fed. So at last Deva has something in her belly.

As far as hopping around goes – Deva is fearless. She has already been up on the couch, and jumped up on her tower of power (the scratching post). I have no doubt she is going to adapt very quickly…keeping her from jumping too high before the stitches come out is going to be tricky…

so, here we are day 3 after surgery and all is definitely well. I have loads of happy snaps to follow…..

thanks again. could not have handled this without the support from you all.

day after amputation...sorry if this is too much for anyone...

day after amputation…sorry if this is too much for anyone…

deva in a baby I can't lick that wound

deva in a baby singlet…now she can’t lick that wound

deva’s diagnosis

greetings fellow tripawds

It came as a big shock when the Vet told us that Deva had a tumour in her right leg. I thought the limping was because Deva had been hitting the front and back door repeatedly when the neighbour’s cat came a calling (every day…in fact he sleeps in our back yard..but that is another story!)

Bone cancer sounds scary and I admit I felt deva(stated)… the only option was to amputate the leg. So, after the lung scan came back clear, we decided to go ahead asap. The diagnosis came on 30 November, Deva’s 11th birthday.

The next few days consisted of me researching like crazy Р I read everything I could about cats and amputation. Then I stumbled on fangs blog which led me here to tripawds. I discovered there were a few other cat blogs, and I am so very happy to have found this wonderful community of pet lovers.

Preparing for surgery, the vet prescribed some pain meds. But nothing really prepares the 2 legged for the anxious wait…

A few pic of deva pre-op – oblivious to what was to come!

Another post to follow – to bring y’all up to speed on how well Deva is doing post surgery…. and what I am learning from my very smart furry friend x


what's all the fuss about?

what’s all the fuss about?


why don't you just chill out huh?

why don’t you just chill out huh?


humans - what can you do....

humans – what can you do….


Deva the wondercat is brought to you by Tripawds.