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One week ampuversary!!!

Yippee – we made it! One week has passed, yet it feels much longer.

Yesterday was a check up with the Vet, the incision site is looking much calmer now – from the vets perspective, everything is looking good. Deva is very thin at the moment. When she was weighed we had to take into consideration that a leg had come off, but oh dear she is so delicate right now. Deva had lost a bit of weight before the surgery as well, but she has always been quite a petite girl, so it is my mission to get her back to a normal size.

For the last couple of days, Deva has had several instances of what we think is ‘phantom limb’ pain. The vet said this can occur because the nerves have been cut. Apparently, licocaine is sprayed on the nerve endings during surgery – in an attempt to minimise any possibility of neuropathic pain, but it seems that Deva is experiencing this. It comes on suddenly – and she will start with a low growl, then hiss and start wailing and yowling. Oh, it is distressing to listen to this, and if I try to comfort her in any way, she tries to bite me. I know she is just expressing that this is painful and uncomfortable, so I have just been talking her through it. That may sound a little ‘cat lady’ crazy, but it seems to help.

Only two more antibiotic pills to go – hurrah says Deva. Even though my new method is a lot quicker, she still DOES NOT LIKE IT!!! Here is another pic of her licking her chops after I have dispensed the meds with nutrigel. I have probably ruined the pleasure of nutrigel forever, but it has been so much easier than any other option!

This last week has been a big learning curve for me. Like others on this site, I experienced so much anxiety about the prospect of the surgery. How would she cope? How would she get around? and the dreaded question What if the cancer spreads? I am super glad I decided to go ahead with this, because the alternative was just unthinkable for me. Yes, I admit it, I am probably more shaken up by the whole thing than miss thing is… but here we are, one week on and I am sure that once we get through the stitches coming out, everything will be more manageable.  Reading through the other blogs and having a look around the tripawds website, I keep coming across the saying ‘be more dog’. I love this concept and am trying (without trying too hard if you know what I mean) to do just that – live in the moment.

Tripawds and triclaws – thanks once again for listening to my rants, and helping Deva and me through a tough week. I will update again after the stitches come out….

here's Deva with her ninja tongue action!!

here’s Deva showing us her ninja tongue action!!


7 Comments to One week ampuversary!!!

  1. benny55 says:

    CONGRATULATIONS DEVA!! One week ampuversary! Meow! Meow!!

    And you haven’t even gotten your stitches out and you’re doing this well?? YAAAAAAAAY!!!

    Now we have to fatten you up little girl! Hmmmmm…..dogs like to eat cat food… you suppose the reverse is true? Worth a try!

    Treacy, I bet you would enjoy “The Power of Now” by Eckhardt Toler. Check it out on the Amazon link here on tripawds…….I think you’ll relate!

    ADORABLE pic Miss Deva! Keep ’em coming, okay?

    We’re gonna celebrate your ampuversary with…… cream tonight!

    Love and light!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. rica55 says:

    Hurrah Deva!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! One week is a great milestone!!!!!!!!!

    Erica & Tripawd Kitty Jill

  3. cldavis says:

    Congratulations, and happy one week! You are now past the hardest part of the healing process, IMO. And Deva will looooooove when those stitches come out. Fang rolled around all over the place – I think they must be itchy. Soooon!

    As for weight, yeah a week of light eating is tough on a kitty. And arms weigh a lot so you do definitely notice when you pick them up that there’s some weight missing! heehee. But! It is actually really lucky that Deva is petite because she can get around much better. I think you’ve probably noticed this with her being able to already get around really well on three legs. She now has to work muscles in a way that she didn’t before and it is MUCH easier for them when they are healthy weight.

    I was very scared of the idea of Phantom Limb pain with Fang. That’s one of the reasons I did so much pre-surgery research and talked to my vet about all kinds of solutions. Did you guys happen to use Gabapentin before the surgery? I see that they used nerve blocks during surgery, so that’s great. Well, phantom limb pain is scary, for sure, and a lot of dogs go through it (see the Tripawds forums for tons of info), but it does eventually go away. It will be okay 🙂

    Lots of love and hugs to you!

    • treacyb says:

      Yes, the worst is definitely behind us I think. Deva is not having any issues in getting around. A couple of little stumbles, and she is a bit wobbly when she wakes up, but I am so happy to tell you that she literally ran-hopped to me in the kitchen when she heard the sound of the tin opening tonight…I love it when she gets that crazy on. I have all wood floors, so she has been known to do wheelies when she skids around a corner. Hilarious.

      Re the gabapentin – yes, Deva did have some pre-surgery, but I had a lot of difficulty getting it in her, so we probably threw away a couple doses with food that she wouldn’t touch…

      I am just so incredibly relieved today. I know that it gets easier from here.
      love and hugs back!!

  4. benny55 says:

    HIP…HIP…HOORAAAAAAAY for jumping, hoppimg, skipping into the kitchenr and eating!!

    Hopefully, her eating will be back on track now and we’ll soon be calling her _Plus Size Deva Model!!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • treacyb says:

      haha! Yes I hope so too Sally. She is certainly making good progress. I have to take the food to her most of the time, but at night she is coming to her usual spot and sitting there waiting like she used to. Big outward sigh! It’s getting back to normal…

  5. chelleb78 says:

    Congrats, Deva! That first week is a doozy. The second is still rough, but after that it’s a hop in the park. They adjust so well and so quickly! Little Man didn’t experience phantom pain initially, but several weeks later he had some phantom sensations (most likely part of the healing process) and they made him hop and wobble backwards b/c he was trying to use that invisible rear leg. He had several episodes over a couple weeks and then as fast as it came on, it was gone and never happened again. It can be very upsetting watching them go through that, but it does get better.

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