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the FURMINATOR – we need to toilet talk

Ok, so I was going to restrain myself from posting until the stitches come out (Saturday 21/12), but Deva has had an important milestone that ordinarily, I would not be so excited about…..drumroll please……

Deva did a doo-doo, oh wait is it doggy doo-doo and kitty ka-ka? Haha., whatever you wanna call it, I have never been so relieved to clean up that poop. And only tripawds folks will understand why I need to tell you ALL ABOUT IT (10 days is a record !!!)

Has anyone else noticed their cat is not cleaning up down there after amputation? It is a bit tricky and Deva definitely isn’t, so it gets stinky and probably not too hygienic, especially being a long-haired cat. I have bought a great product called FURMINATOR (yes, I promise you that is the real name).  I have used this on some babywipes and the benefit of this product is that it does not have to be washed off – all natural so no nasties when a cat licks itself afterwards.

The real purpose of it is hairball prevention – so tick for that as well. It has Omega 3, cranberry, calendula, kava, chamomile, aloe, papaya, safflower and sunflower seed oil (all good for your cat). And it smells lovely, edible in fact. This has done the trick, and Deva didn’t mind it one little bit. In fact, I have given her a lovely brush and rubbed this through the rest of her hair to reduce shedding. (Ahem, I think I may need to claim some royalties for this shout-out for the FURMINATOR hehe)…

It is VERY hot here today – 41 degrees, oh boy summer is here and I only have ceiling fans…Deva is restless today, she has been under the bed, the desk, the bookshelf, the coffee table and even jumped in on my jimjam shelf and the stereo cupboard to escape the heat.. here are some cute pics of some of that…

in the words of the FURminator – I’ll be back !!!

escaping the heat under the bookshelf

escaping the heat under the bookshelf

a fave spot pre-surgery - up close and personal with the hifi in the cupboard

a fave spot pre-surgery – up close and personal with the hifi in the cupboard

will any notice me here amongst the jimjams?

will any-one notice me here amongst the jimjams?

under the coffee table snuggling my shoe
under the coffee table snuggling a shoe and doing my best muscle-singlet pose

it's getting hot in here..
it’s getting hot in here..



6 Comments to the FURMINATOR – we need to toilet talk

  1. chelleb78 says:

    Taking care of business is a little tricky after amputation and it’s way different depending on if it’s a front or rear leg. So glad you’ve already found something to help! Little Man’s biggest thing is not covering anything up in the litter box, but I was just so happy that he was using the litter box at all that I decided I could live with it. lol

    • treacyb says:

      oh yes, i hear you. Deva is not covering it up either, but that’s ok. She has a habit of telling me when she has been no. 2’s. She usually runs around like a banshee – hurtling in to the bedroom and bouncing around. This time, she was crying to go outside and relunctantly went and used the box. Yes, different rules apply now… for sure.

  2. benny55 says:

    Pooh pooh…ka ka… doody….poop….YAAAAAAAY!!!!

    WOW! Ten days! They maybe close to a record here! We need to searxh poop delays!

    Love the Furminator stuff you found. Glad it does the trick AND is all natural..Deva, you are quite the model! Yor pictures…even though you are trying to hide in some…are ADORABLE! You are a very, very pretty kitty!

    And Treacy, you post all you want, anytime you want, okay? We love reading them and hearing all about Deva’s journey!

    Love and light!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • treacyb says:

      oh Sally you make me laugh!!!
      you are so supportive of everyone and we are just so happy that you enjoy the posts and the pics.
      love back at ya!!!
      T and D

  3. cldavis says:

    Hey Deva and Treacy! So glad to hear about the poop! I totally understand your excitement – you know I was just as happy when Fang finally went the doo. hahaha!

    I have heard that some kitty’s stop covering up in the litter box, but Fang (who pretty much only ever goes outside) did cover up the couple of times he graced us with using the litter box in the house, haha. And, he’s a short hair so I didn’t have to worry about cleaning.

    However, I do have a long haired FOUR legger who sometimes has these problems, and I am so happy to hear about this product! Thank you!

    Glad that things are going so well! We’re thinking of you!

    Also, shoes are the very best place to hang out, says Fang. 😛

    • treacyb says:

      Thanks Chantal!

      Tomorrow morning the stitches come out – hooray!
      Things are HEAPS better…despite the heat which has slowed us both down. Deva totally has her appetite back and has been making up for lost time.

      Good news – the product furminator is made in US, so should be easy to get hold of.

      Tomorrow is christmas lunch with my daughter, her partner and Opie, Emily’s (my daughter) hearing and assistance dog. He is an amazing boy that helps Em every single day. This will be the first christmas in a long time that we will not be together. It is only fair that she and Tom her partner visit with Tom’s family who live a few hours away. I will be posting some pics of the pooch tomorrow.

      T and D

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