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deva’s diagnosis

greetings fellow tripawds

It came as a big shock when the Vet told us that Deva had a tumour in her right leg. I thought the limping was because Deva had been hitting the front and back door repeatedly when the neighbour’s cat came a calling (every day…in fact he sleeps in our back yard..but that is another story!)

Bone cancer sounds scary and I admit I felt deva(stated)… the only option was to amputate the leg. So, after the lung scan came back clear, we decided to go ahead asap. The diagnosis came on 30 November, Deva’s 11th birthday.

The next few days consisted of me researching like crazy –  I read everything I could about cats and amputation. Then I stumbled on fangs blog which led me here to tripawds. I discovered there were a few other cat blogs, and I am so very happy to have found this wonderful community of pet lovers.

Preparing for surgery, the vet prescribed some pain meds. But nothing really prepares the 2 legged for the anxious wait…

A few pic of deva pre-op – oblivious to what was to come!

Another post to follow – to bring y’all up to speed on how well Deva is doing post surgery…. and what I am learning from my very smart furry friend x


what's all the fuss about?

what’s all the fuss about?


why don't you just chill out huh?

why don’t you just chill out huh?


humans - what can you do....

humans – what can you do….


2 Comments to deva’s diagnosis

  1. benny55 says:

    She issooooooo beautiful!!

    And she truly is not worried about a thing…just living in the moment! Great life lesson for us all!

    It is scarey for us humans, but not our little animal souls. They just deal with whatever comes their way and get on with living!

    Thanks for sharng yor journey and the PRETTY hotos!


    Sally and Hapy Hannah

  2. cldavis says:

    Deva – So happy you decided to start a blog about your three-legged journey, and welcome to the community! 😀 Deva is absolutely gorgeous – really, amazingly beautiful colors.

    I was wondering how you guys were doing after that comment on Fang’s blog! So glad you found us! Yes, the news is S-c-a-r-y when you find out that your family member needs to have major surgery, but I’m glad you both are staying strong!

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