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sleeeeeeeep, the natural healer

chilling with my girl

chilling with my girl

Today started out with a BIG drink of water. Yes, finally!
4 greenies treats..and 2 slices of ham. No interest in regular cat food. I realise that the appetite may fluctuate depending on pain, stress and mood.
Deva is super sleepy and spent all day napping on the sofa. I am wondering whether it is normal that she has not used the litter tray at all today..Deva has not been grooming at all. Long haired cats can quickly get matted, so I brushed her and washed her face and all in all I think she felt pretty ok about it….the incision site is looking less bruised, but is swelling a bit so that would explain Deva being very sensitive today. For a cat that really makes very little noise, today I heard definite crying.
We are getting the meds sorted and while Deva doesn’t love the syringe, she is tolerating it in small quantities. I am getting antibiotics and pain meds in there in one dose mixed with a bit of nutrigel and water.

meds schmeds

meds schmeds

in my usual spot...snoozing

in my usual spot…snoozing

I am so relieved that I have arranged to be home this week. Lucky for me I have a flexible workplace. So long as I get the work done, I can do it anywhere. This way, I can keep an eye on Deva, even though she spends most of her time snoozing!

Nite all xo

4 Comments to sleeeeeeeep, the natural healer

  1. trituck says:

    What a beautiful girl Deva is!

    That’s great that you could spend the week with her….much less to worry about when you can actually see how she is doing.

    It will keep getting better every day.


    Linda and Tucker

  2. rica55 says:

    awww! what a sweetheart!!!!! Hope shes feeling good!!!!
    Erica & Tripawd Kitty Jill

  3. salembynxmommy says:

    Hi deva!!! you look wonderful!!! Don’t worry about the LB you will get there soon. Just keep on eating that ham!!!!! YUMMY!!! (well not to mom shes a veggie…hehehe)

    <3 Salem

  4. cldavis says:

    Hey! Glad to see that things are still going along relatively smoothly. 🙂

    If you are worried that something is going wrong in the healing process, be sure to ask your vet. If anything, it will make you feel better. But here are my comparisons:

    Regarding the eating – pain meds make kitty feel a bit sick, just like people, so as far as my experience goes, it’s normal for her to be less interested in food right now. It could also have something to do with having not enough pain meds (since she’s crying) and feeling a bit sick because of pain (which I am familiar with in my own experience). Either way, if she’s not terribly interested in eating right now, my guess is that she will be when she starts to feel a little better. With Fang, a week after surgery when we got him off of the pain meds he was entirely different. Far more awake, hungry, alert, etc.

    Regarding the litter box – With Fang, he would not go potty at the vet’s and so when he came home he peed right away. But then after that we rarely had litter box moments for a long while. He didn’t go number 2 until 8 days after surgery. One thing is that pain meds stop up their system so they become constipated (if you worry about this, you can give her a teeny bit of Miralax powder mixed with something yummy). The other thing is that cats do not naturally drink enough water, as they expect to get their liquids from their food – this doesn’t always happen in domesticated life the way their bodies expect (that’s why domestic cats, especially those that do not eat wet food, have a lot of bladder problems). That explains why (1) it is difficult to get Deva to drink just plain old water at the moment, and (2) that it might be possible that she’s not having to pee because she’s just not had enough liquids that she needs to. Don’t worry, she’ll go when she has to. If you worry, you might want to try to get her to eat something with a good deal of liquids in it (I had Fang on cat-milk, water mixed with wet cat food, etc).

    Regarding the grooming – Deva’s just not feeling too good, and cats commonly stop grooming if they are feeling ill. IME, this should come back after she’s off of the pain meds and a bit more healed up.

    Don’t worry, momma, she’ll be okay. 🙂 We’re thinkin of you!

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