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let……me…….out (and a handy hint for the pill averse kitty cat)

This morning, Deva the wondercat did a little workout ….  hopping between the front and back doors. Here are some pics of the little munchkin trying to convince me that going out would be a good idea..

For anyone else who may encounter major hassles with giving meds to your cat, this has been the only way I can do it reasonably stress free. Since Deva refuses any food with a crushed up pill in it (yes, she is a bit of a Diva… as well as being a Deva), this means that all the tips that I have found on the net or that others have shared, simply do not work with this fusspot!! Since we have had two days of drinking lots of water, I decided to mix up a much smaller batch of meds – antibiotic pill, liquid pain relief  into a paste, then add the magic ingredient – a blob of nutrigel. Now she still wont take it because she can smell the meds, but with a tiny amount I can rub it on her gums in two lots – minimising the stress and getting those important meds into her…

where is that pesky cat from next door?

where is that pesky cat from next door?

hm, what about if I try this door??

hm, what about if I try this door??


come awwwn ...pleeeease????

come awwwn …pleeeease???

Tomorrow morning is a check-up with the Vet. All in all, this little furball is doing great – she has hopped around pretty much the whole house and can get on and off chairs, and my bed (with a little step to help on the way down).

Each night there is a little bit of crying and it seems to be when the meds may be wearing off and it is hard to get comfy.

Thanks to everyone for the kind posts – it is a wonderful support xx

Nite from the triclaw down under 🙂


9 Comments to let……me…….out (and a handy hint for the pill averse kitty cat)

  1. benny55 says:

    You get that pesky cat Deva!! Break the door down!!!

    GREAT update! So hapy she is well on the road to recovery, and it only gets better!!

    Sorry she’s still dealing with some pain, but glad you’re able to manage it. It seems it’s the same with humans the pains always worse at night.

    Keep these greag pictures coming! She’s such a great kitty!

    Pity the pesky neighbor cat when Deva is all better!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Hapy Hannah

    • treacyb says:

      hi Sally!
      Oh my goodness..I had a look at some your pics of Happy Hannah – what a GORGEOUS pooch she is. And she loves the camera, right?
      I am a bit nervous about the cat from next door actually…he is probably a beautiful boy, but he harasses Deva every single day. She was getting neurotic because he comes every day and waits by the front door. I would love if they got along, but when she goes outside they just yowl and fight. She will be no match for him physically – he is a big brute ! I think I might write a blog just about him and see if I can get some good advice on how to deal with him. He is not friendly to me either…

  2. benny55 says:

    Oh, and thatnks for sharing the GREAT tip on getting the meds in them! Yeah, once they know they’re in a particular food or treat, they’ll avoid it for years!!

  3. penny4weims says:

    try a water pistol on your neighbor kitty, that should send him packing and not hurt him.

    • treacyb says:

      good thinking – actually a friend of mine suggested garlic and pepper in a water spray and sprayed all around the edge of the deck and the front steps. I had never heard of this before. Is this ok do you think??

  4. cldavis says:

    Hey, that’s a great tip! Fang wont take meds either (he is finicky) so we had a pain patch on him that administered drugs for the whole first week. But, taking it off of him was no fun either. I’m sure people will absolutely be able to use this advice.

    And it looks like Deva is up and at it, which is wonderful news! I couldn’t keep Fang in very long at all. That boy went out while he still had the staples in. But then, I could never make him do what I want. 😛

    Thinking of you!

    • treacyb says:

      I asked if they could give Deva a patch and Vet said NO!! I worry about letting her out because of a big bully cat that lives next door, but spends a lot of time sitting on our porch!
      What breed is Fang? those ears are just gorgeous!!!

      • cldavis says:

        Ah yes, well my vet and I talked a lot about what I wanted done, and she knew I had done my research and *thankfully* was willing to do pretty much whatever I wanted to do. (She actually had a tripod dog, heehee). So, I told her that Fang was NOT going to have me giving him meds, and from the interactions she had had with him, she knew that was true. So we got the patch. I’m glad we did. Otherwise he just wouldn’t have been medicated.

        Ah yes, the bully neighbor cat. Well, like I told you, cats fight with their back claws so Deva will still be able to fight as before. But she is petite and it sounds like she usually is more of a “run away” method girl. Can she get back into the house by herself (i.e. cat door)? Because she can still run fast – just she needs somewhere safe to run too.

        I have five cats, and many of them do not like each other. I’m used to cat spats on the occasion where one of them “steps out of line” with another. Generally IME cats aren’t really out to kill each other, and they can cause damage but mostly they’ll fight for a sec and then run away. I don’t know this bully cat, but my guess is that if they fight, they will find a way to coexist themselves (even if it means Deva will decide she wants to be inside more often).

        Maybe you can go next door and explain that Deva just had major surgery and ask if perhaps they could keep him in for a while, or if you guys could sort out times for each cat to be in/out for the next couple weeks.

        After Deva is healed, though, things should go back to normal. I know you were already worried about this cat, but once Deva is healed, you wont need to be any more worried than you were previously.

        • treacyb says:

          wise words again…yes, you are right! Once those stitches come out, I will let her outside again. She is probably tougher than I give her credit for. Unfortunately, there is no cat door and this is a rental, so I can’t put one in. I am looking at buying though, so down the track, our circumstances will change. Thanks for the tips 🙂

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