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High Three for the new year!

hi tripawds

Sorry for disappearing for a while – my daughter has had a major brain surgery, so I just dropped off here temporarily. This is the 12th surgery for her, and as she recovers I will probably go awol again.

Christmas day - checking out my pressies. A beautiful new collar and this catnip toy :)

Christmas day – checking out my pressies. A beautiful new collar and this catnip toy 🙂

Reflecting on 2013, there is definitely a mobility theme going on. My daughter Emily’s friends rallied to fundraise for a mobility scooter to help her get around; my mum had a melanoma removed from her foot and is using a walker; and Deva lost a leg! My three closest women – all needing some help to get around. It brings it home that it is so important to be in the moment – in each and every one. And, to practise gratitude for the blessings and love in our life.

Yes, yes.... I know it's catnip, but I am too tired to bother

Yes, yes…. I know it’s catnip, but I am too tired to bother

As we approach Deva’s one month milestone, I am happy to say that she has resumed her usual routine, with a couple of slight modifications. The notable changes are that Deva now has a huge appetite (maybe making up for lost chomping opportunitites) and she is generally a much calmer kitty. It used to be dry food during the day and wet food at night. Now Deva eats a tin of wet food morning and night. This is great because she had lost so much weight from the cancer and loss of appetite pre-surgery.

Isn't this what holidays are meant to be like? Fitting in with the rest of the pack...reeeelaaaaxing purrrrrrrrr

Isn’t this what holidays are meant to be like? Fitting in with the rest of the pack…reeeelaaaaxing purrrrrrrrr

This Christmas I had planned a holiday away, so we looked into pet friendly accommodation and Deva came with us. I cannot believe how relaxed she was!. Check out these pics of Miss Thing…I told her she was only allowed on the quilt, so she literally stayed on the quilt (WHAT??).  Otherwise, she followed me around like a little dog – even navigating a few steps without any problems at all.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful festive season and that this year, 2014, brings joy, peace and love into your lives. I am thankful for the blessings in my life, including finding the tripawds community. I may not be as active as I would like to be, but I am thinking of all the dogs and cats and loving humans who have the big decisions and surgeries ahead.

I'm on the quilt, but would love to claw that couch...

I’m on the quilt, but would love to claw that couch.

Here is a big high three to all the other tripawd families. Love and light to all

Treacy and Deva xoxoxoxo

8 Comments to High Three for the new year!

  1. benny55 says:

    And high three at ya’!

    My goodness, you and your pack have had quite a year!

    I’m amazed that you’re able to even function! Quite an amazing soul you are!

    The pictures of Deva are delightful! She’s such a pretty, very pretty kitty. I love her catnip toy! It’s adorable too!

    I’m glad she’s eating well now and making up for lost time!

    Yes, you have some interesting parallels going on in yor life. All seem to be bringing you the same message. And you seemed to have embraced them fully. You are clearly staying in the moment, cherishing the moment and staying in a state of gratitude. I’d also say that you are staying in a state of grace too.

    Take care of yourself while you are taking care of others, okay? Know that we will be sending you positive energy, healing energy to all your loved ones and strength and serenity to you.

    Know that we are here for you. As you already know, this a site about so much more than “just tripawds”……and you represent a depth of compassion, love and light that keeps us all connected and helps sustain us through all the twists and turns on ths road of life.

    Hugs to your daughter, to your mom, to Deva!

    Surrou ding you with loving and protective light,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • treacyb says:

      hi there
      THANK YOU! I love your posts – always always so very positive and thoughtful. I have had my meltdowns, to be sure. I am just trying to get through the best I can. My daughter has had so many surgeries. You never get used to it, we just have to get through it. It has been a bit of a juggling act, but my sister has been doing most of the looking after my mum. I was lucky that Mum came to me for Christmas so I was able to take her and Deva for a little holiday before Emily’s surgery came upon us.
      Love and light to you and yours
      T & D xoxox

  2. jerry says:

    Treacy and Deva,

    Well please, don’t ever feel badly about not being here, especially with all that you have going on right now. We are sending all of our love and best wishes that your daughter has a speedy, uneventful recovery and everything goes well. Please keep us posted OK?

    You have such an amazing attitude, I can’t help but think that Deva has played a huge role in helping you stay grounded and focused on what’s important. Most people would have had a meltdown by now but you sound so strong and courageous. You are our role model Treacy, please know that.

    And as for Deva, well she is just one amazing kitty. WOW! How wonderful to know she’s doing well. Three paws up to her, and you!

    Be strong, hang in there and know that whenever you feel like it we will always be here. Good luck.

    • treacyb says:

      Hi again
      Emily was discharged after only 5 days and is now home (there is a huge burden on the hospital and they need more beds. Previous surgeries em was in for much longer). The real work starts now as she will resume physio and other rehab as an outpatient. You are right. Deva has definitely played a role in all of this! As I said in my post above, I have had meltdowns – plenty. I am trying my best to get through and support my 2 and 3 legged loved ones. Thank you so much for your kind words, it helps to know that people are sending love and positivity.
      More later
      T & D xoxo

  3. benny55 says:

    Wow Treacy! I don’t know what it loo,s like on your screen, but on my tablet my “reply” is all interdespersed” up with your pictures! Crazy! IF that’s how you see it, I’m gonna let Admin know.

    Orrrrrr, t could just be the Universe messng with us just to see if we “get it”!

    • treacyb says:

      yes, I noticed the weirdness and I think Jerry has fixed it up. Thanks for the heads up too!
      That pesky universe huh!!

  4. cldavis says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – I hope that 2014 is treating you wonderfully so far! 🙂

    Deva is looking fantastic! No stitches/staples and furry fur! Lots of yummy food, vacationing, and doing what kitties do best – laying around! 😀 I’m so glad that things are going so well for you two.

    Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery from surgery, and hope that all is well with her and the rest of your family.

    We hope to hear more good news soon, and you are in our thoughts!

    – Fang and Chantal

  5. mschelleau says:

    I am so pleased to read the story of your journey with Deva and I wish your daughter well in her recovery.

    The joy you get when you see their routines coming back – albeit amended sometimes – is immeasurable and makes the decision seem better every time.

    Take care

    Michelle and Freya

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